A Little Lovin Changes Everything

I’m not a fan of McDonald’s. I mean, everyone knows a “healthy eating” mom, who wants to do right by her family’s health doesn’t eat at McDonald’s. And what would people think if they saw me eating there?  But, you know what, every once in a while I crave an Egg McMuffin. Especially, it seems, right before my massage, so my stomach doesn’t growl, and I usually have 30 minutes to kill.

Yesterday happened to be one of those days. I pulled in, parked my car. I kind of sneak in, hoping I won’t see anyone I know. I order a #1 and a coffee with way too many calories. I usually grab some ketchup and slink to a table. Bury my head and never enjoy my food as much as I think I’m going to. However, yesterday was different. As I’m rummaging through my purse, looking for my wallet, I looked at the cashier, expecting my total. But that’s not what I got. He asked me if I’d seen the commercial, and today my total was a fist bump. My cash was no good, I got to pay with Lovin.

I was a little flabbergasted. I hadn’t watched the super bowl. I hadn’t seen the commercial, but I do live on Facebook so I’d heard some rumblings about it. I never thought it would happen to me.

I immediately got a little bit excited. He picked me, out of everyone, so that makes me feel a little special. I get to pay for my breakfast with lovin, that makes me feel super excited. I fist bumped the guy and his smile was as big as mine. Another person behind the counter was just as excited! He was smiling and came over and said, “You’re so lucky! This means you’re going to be lucky all day!”. All right! I can get behind that.

2015-02-04 08.51.17Instead of walking to a table with my head down, I was smiling, carrying my head high. I’d paid with lovin. I sat down, and the first thing I did was take a picture of me smiling and wearing my “I paid with lovin” sticker. I posted it to my Instagram. (Remember, I don’t want anyone to know I eat at McDonald’s). Then I shared the instagram photo to my Facebook. I guess lovin trumps shame. {Click to tweet} Still smiling like a giddy school girl, I dug into my food.

As always, it wasn’t as satisfying as I expect it to be. The potato was a little cold, but it didn’t seem to bother me today. I’m still smiling. I notice the paper flyer on my tray. All kinds of facts about what is in McDonald’s food. Fresh salads made daily. Hamburger with no fillers (including pink slime ~ so they say). Eggs made fresh, from real eggs. Hmmm… this is not the McDonald’s I think I know.

What do I do? Take a picture of the paper and share it in Facebook, and keep smiling.

I go to my massage, and come out feeling even better. The goodness is stacking up on itself.

Next task… scheduled maintenance on my car. I head to the Toyota dealer, and proceed to wait, not for 1 1/2 hours like they told me it would be, nope… 3 hours. And guess what… I’m still smiling! A lady sat down next to me and couldn’t believe how long I’d been waiting. “Why aren’t you over there giving them grief?!” she asked. “Because it’s not going to do any good. They’re busy, and they’re doing the best they can.” I read a book. I watched The Chew, which I only see when I’m in the beauty shop lol. My car was finished in just enough time to run the one other errand I had and get back to town to pick up Hanna.

I picked her up, still smiling.

It’s amazing how far a little lovin can go.

I got to thinking, because I still have the brain of a marketer… what makes this work so well?! What is it about paying with lovin that’s STILL got me smiling all this time, and through things that I generally find very annoying?!

Here’s what I came up with.

1. I felt special. 

I was picked out of everyone. That made me feel special.

2. It was a surprise

I hadn’t seen the commercials. I didn’t come with the expectation of maybe being picked. I just wanted an egg mcmuffin and some yummy coffee.

3. It’s love. 

Love spreads. When people feel love(d) they want to share it. Just think about how many pictures/status updates you see on Facebook about new children being born, new relationships being started, the things people do that make us feel loved. Love spreads. Something as silly as calling it “lovin” makes a difference, makes me feel loved, by a stranger, someone I don’t even know, by a corporation I don’t even have fond feelings toward.

Those are 3 pretty simple things to create such positive and long lasting feelings. I got to thinking how I might use them in them in my life. I quickly had the opportunity… this morning, trying to get the kiddo out of bed on a testing day.

Instead of yelling from the bottom of the stairs I went up to her room. I jumped in her bed. I yanked the covers off her head, and tickled her while singing the Good Morning song. Then I told her I had something special in store for breakfast so hurry and get dressed. Then I just left. I’d never tried them, but decided to make eggs in a basket I think they’re called, where you cut out a heart in the middle of the bread and put the egg in there. They didn’t come out perfectly, but before they were ready, she was downstairs, dressed and ready. :) (#win). She was very happy about them, and starting on a good note she managed to get through her morning routine quickly and happily, even though she’d come downstairs 15 minutes late.

This is not how I always handle things… believe me, mornings can be ugly around here. But today I made a decision. I decided to start the morning with some lovin. I saw how well it worked on me yesterday, and it seems to have worked pretty well on Hanna today.

What about you? What can you do to infuse some lovin (a loving surprise that makes someone feel special) into your days? I’d love to hear… share in the comments or over on the Zen Wahm facebook page. :)

Jackie Lee Zen Wahm


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