101 Ways to Refuel When You’re Running On Empty

101 ways to refuel

  We work at home moms are really good at giving. We give to our work. We give to our kids. We give to our husbands or significant others. We give, give, give. Which is amazing. Things get a little hinky though, when we don’t put anything back in. Just like a car, if you just keep on driving without adding any fuel along the way, at some point your car is just gonna give up … Continue reading

21 Literary Quotes To Help You Stay Present

21 literary quotes

One of my favorite parts of reading books is the quotes. The sentence or two that pops off the page, and gives me a little high five (or sometimes a little smack) and insists I write it down, highlight or post it note it, or in some way make it easy to get back to. These quotes are often times the pieces of books I carry with me in every day life. They are the pieces I … Continue reading

5 Simple Actions You Can Take to Not Lose Your Patience Before Lunch

5 Simple Actions you can take to not lose your patience before lunch... ZenWahm.com

Ever find yourself with the best of intentions in the morning, and still losing your patience by lunch? Me too. Yesterday was one such day. With Hanna at school, and a cup of coffee in hand, I started a blog post. I knew it was going to be a big project, but hadn’t realized just how long it was going to take me. I was slogging along, getting it done, finding myself a little more … Continue reading

7 Useful Beliefs You Can Adopt Today to Immediately Start Being Less Judgmental

7 useful ideas you can start believing today to be less judgmental. ~ ZenWahm.com

Do you find it hard to tolerate stupid people? Do you compare yourself to the other moms/bloggers/runners/dieters on Facebook only to find you’re beating yourself up or tearing them down to make yourself feel better? This is the face of judgment. Everyone is judgmental, you and even me. It’s hard not to be judgmental,  it’s built right into the fabric of our society, but there are ways to stop being judgmental. The problem with being judgmental … Continue reading

The One Thing I Learned to Stop Yelling


Throughout Hanna’s life I’ve always tried to remember to direct her towards want I want her to do, instead of away from what I don’t want her to do. Walking feet… instead of don’t run. Lower your voice… instead of stop yelling. Bottoms on the couch… instead of don’t stand. Because I know, what we focus on grows, the mind doesn’t hear “don’t”. It was a little funny when I stopped for a moment and … Continue reading

The Girl on the Train Review

the girl on the train

Everyone’s talking about it, not just talking about it, raving about it, so when our librarian held it up at book club I jumped at the chance to be the first one to check it out. I took it home and opened it right up. The premise of the book is really intriguing. A girl rides the train every day, and creates stories in her mind about the people she sees in the houses along … Continue reading

A Little Lovin Changes Everything


I’m not a fan of McDonald’s. I mean, everyone knows a “healthy eating” mom, who wants to do right by her family’s health doesn’t eat at McDonald’s. And what would people think if they saw me eating there?  But, you know what, every once in a while I crave an Egg McMuffin. Especially, it seems, right before my massage, so my stomach doesn’t growl, and I usually have 30 minutes to kill. Yesterday happened to … Continue reading

The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food and Love

the dirty life on farming food and love

I came across this book while trying to find memoirs to add to my 25/25 challenge.  I knew it was going to be right up my alley for a few reasons. 1. I’m a transplanted NYer. 2. I now live in farm country. 3. I dream of having a milk cow. 4. I don’t really believe I’m capable of milking a cow twice a day every.single.day.even.when.it’s.snowing. The book started off with a New York City writer, living … Continue reading

4 Simple Ways to Just Open Your Hand

let go

The steering wheel My little girl’s hand My breath Hurt feelings My opinions My beliefs Grudges Disappointments Misunderstandings Resentments These are all things I sometimes hold on to, too tightly. The more I pay attention to how I feel the more I notice when things are just a little off. With a little digging I usually see the “off feeling” stems from holding on too tightly. I was lamenting this morning, about letting go. How … Continue reading

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Review

guernsey literary and potato peel pie society

I’m going to be honest, right up front. I’m not a huge fan of historical fiction, or books set in the 1940s. I find them dreary and a bit depressing for some reason. I’ve had Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society recommended to me a few times and hadn’t read it for just that reason. However, it was the chosen book for our book club this month, so I gave it a go. Delightful. … Continue reading