Say Yes

sunset photobomb

  Even though I had just curled up on the couch, gotten warm, and comfortable I relented. I gave into the pleas to “Come outside mom! You have to see this!” And I was rewarded. A magnificent Kansas sunset and a playful moment of sunset photobombs. It’s the little moments that add up. It’s saying yes, even when I just got comfortable and it would be easier to say no. It is in those times … Continue reading

Snapping Pictures Of The Moment is Not You In The Moment

cirque du soleil varekai

Every two years Cirque Du Soleil brings their touring show to our town. Every two years my mom get us tickets as one of my Christmas gifts. It’s truly, my favorite gift. There’s a magic about Cirque, and for 2 hours I’m transfixed and transported to another place and time, and completely in the moment. Last night we were sitting 4 rows off the floor, waiting for the show to begin, chatting with each other, … Continue reading

The Kindness of Strangers… Penniless Across America

kindness of strangers penniless across america

Is it possible to travel from California to North Carolina without a penny to your name, simply relying on the kindness of strangers for your food, shelter and transportation? That’s the question Mike McIntyre asked himself.  Mike was a guy with a great job as a journalist, a nice place to live, and a loving girlfriend. Problem was… he was afraid. All.the.time. He’d let fear control his life and decided it was time to snap … Continue reading

Manifesto for Life

manifesto for life

Manifesto for Life Grow ~ Dig in, deeply. Find what lies in the shadow. Bring it to the light. Face your fears, your past, your future, your dreams with open eyes and an open heart. Shine ~ There is only one you. The world needs you have to share. Be you. Out loud. Always. Connect ~ There are others on your path. Find them. Connect. There is comfort and clarity in this unity. Being a writer, a thinker, a thought provoker … Continue reading

A Single Sentence That Makes You Gasp

Gray Mountain by John Grisham Book Review

  The other day my mom stopped by on the way to the library. She had Gray Mountain by John Grisham under her arm. We got to talking about the book and the 25/25 challenge and she ended up leaving the book for me to read.  ** I am enjoying so much how books are just showing up for me to read these days! It’s absolute magic.  I haven’t read many of Grisham’s books, I’m … Continue reading

How to Love Yourself Through New Year’s Resolutions

silence inner bully

It went on for almost 2 hours. There was cajoling, begging, pleading, some pushing and even a little bullying, sad to say. It went a little something like this, the conversation in my head. “You said you wanted to work out.” “Yeah, I do. I want to feel sexy, and strong and healthy.” “Then let’s go.” “Yeah, but, I don’t want to be yelled at while I’m working out. I don’t want to be made to feel … Continue reading

What Kitchen Confidential Taught Me About Judgement and Assholes

every single person on the planet has a story

I’ve never been a fan of Anthony Bourdain. He’s brash, and arrogant, quite frankly I think he’s an ass. You can imagine my surprise when I became so captivated by his show Parts Unknown, I ended up, on Netflix, binge watching almost every episode in a weekend. My opinion of him didn’t really change from watching his show… he was still brash, and arrogant, and quite frankly an ass… what I did begin to see as … Continue reading

Zen and The Art of Reading

reading challenge

I love to read. It’s a fact. It’s always been one of the big joys in my life. Until it wasn’t. You see, as an entrepreneur I’ve been told to “read daily”. Now as a lover of reading that really should be a good thing, right? It was. Until it wasn’t. Reading daily was a wonderful habit I got into, even if it was only 20 minutes a day (while Hanna was doing her 20 … Continue reading

How to Be Compassionate When You’re Ready to Lay the Smack Down

how to be compassionate

It was the perfect storm. In-laws, being out of town, off schedule, and fruit smoothies at 9 o’clock at night. I was on edge, feeling anxious, wanting, to say no, stick to our schedule, stay with what works, and not doing it for fear of being the “bad guy”, yet again. The downward spiral began to spiral. When we finally got pajamas on… 3 hours later than it would have been at home, hopped up … Continue reading

How to Become the Person You Want to Be (in one simple step)

activity always follows identity

I used to be a smoker. When I decided to have children I knew I had to quit. I’d tried multiple times to quit, all unsuccessfully. Finally, I decided to invest the money and go to a hypnotherapist. After the first appointment I never smoked again, even though she said I could smoke until I came back for my follow up. Why did this work when all other attempts had failed? Because she changed my … Continue reading