Can’t Stand that Creepy Elf? Here’s a Kinder Alternative

alternative to elf on the shelf

Our Elf on the Shelf, Ruby, showed up a couple years ago. I was never really keen on the idea, in fact, I down right dreaded it. I’m not sure what provoked me to buy the dang thing, other than the self imposed pressure to “be a good mom”. Each year Ruby showed up later, and later. She’d make her appearance as late as possible, showing up just before Christmas. This year, we’ve tackled some big things in … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: 3 Tricks to Staying Mindful in the Middle of Food, Family and Holiday Mayhem

staying mindful thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a plethora of triggers. There’s tons of food and tons of family. That alone can do it for most people. Then there are all the underlying anxieties that can show up… in laws, conflicting family values, impossible expectations of perfection and of course the last election. This morning as I was driving my kiddo to school I noticed I was easily getting annoyed with her. She wasn’t getting her seat belt buckled fast … Continue reading

How to Stay Calm In a Crazy World

how to stay calm

I have tried so many things in an effort to learn how to stay calm. I have always wanted to be one of those people who seems to just take things in stride, who is even keeled no matter what’s going on around them. I have always wanted equanimity in my life. But it was elusive. I’d find myself flustered at best, and flying off the handle at worst. I found myself frustrated that people … Continue reading

How to Start Meditating

how to start meditating

Kids are loud. Time is short. Brains just won’t quit. It’s easy to think you can’t meditate. But you can. How to Start Meditating   If you’re ready to start meditating, here’s a couple quick tips to get you started. 1. Start small.  Seriously, 1 minute is a good place to start. You don’t have to set the timer for 40 minutes your first go around. Start small, build up over time. Give yourself credit … Continue reading

I Hate Christmas. How to Survive the Holidays (and Maybe Even Enjoy Them)

i hate christmas

I hate the dentist. Like Phobia hate. There have been times when I’ve scheduled a procedure, driven to the dentist, parked the car. Freaked out and left. When my husband and I decided to start thinking about trying to have a baby, he insisted, before we started trying, I had to go to the dentist and make sure my teeth were in the best possible shape. (having a baby can be rough on your teeth) … Continue reading

How to Be a Good Mom

how to be a good mom

How to be a good mom? It’s a completely loaded question, because everyone’s version of what being a good mom looks like is different. When I think about being a good mom, I want to be patient, and kind, and not yell. I want to be happy to spend time with my kiddo. I want to enjoy her and feel good about myself and the parenting I’m doing. On many days, (let’s be honest… years) … Continue reading

You Are Not Responsible for Your Children. There I Said It.

creating accountability in kids

In fact, the idea you are responsible for your children is the biggest lie told in parenting, and it’s what keeps us fighting for perfection, and many of us, yelling. I first came across this concept a few years ago while reading ScreamFree Parenting. I thought it was a joke. How on EARTH can I not be responsible for my kiddo? But I kept reading and what came next was even more intriguing. I’m not … Continue reading

Moody Cow Meditates

moody cow meditates

Back in June, during our “Blog Less. Live More” summer,  I was looking for some resources to help my kiddo (8) learn more about mindfulness and meditation. I thought if she had some tools in her backpack she might be better able to handle the big emotions that come up for her, especially being a spirited kiddo. The one book that was recommended most was “Moody Cow Meditates“. I picked it up on Amazon and grabbed Peaceful … Continue reading

Mantra for Moms Who Yell

mantra for moms who yell

  I recently made a decision. I decided instead of “thinking” about being more mindful, calm, loving and filled with equanimity, and reading about it… I’d start BEing it. I decided to take myself on a year long journey of exploration, and self discovery. I had already started practicing mindfulness, and found it shifted just about everything, so layering a deeper exploration of things on top of a mindfulness practice seemed perfect! For this journey I … Continue reading