Mantra for Moms Who Explode

mantra for moms who explode

I used to think it was because I’m Irish. I can be so patient, for so long and then BOOM. I explode. Turns out, it’s not because I’m Irish. It’s because of the stories. For every action and interaction, there is a story that goes on behind the scenes. You’re writing a blog post and your kiddo interrupts you. You stay patient. Your laptop accidentally deletes 3 paragraphs of your post. You manage to stay patient. … Continue reading

How to Create a Deeper Practice with a Mala

How to deepen your meditation practice with a mala

One day I woke up and felt a compulsion to have a mala. Weird? Yes. However, I have learned to trust those kind of compulsions, they almost always lead somewhere wonderful. I started googling, and found myself on Buddha Groove. Where I purchased my first mala. This gorgeous Rudraksha mala.   With my mala in my hand I did some research, some googling, some trying to figure out how to use this gorgeous thing. Here’s what … Continue reading

9 Must Have Mindfulness Apps for the Iphone

must have mindfulness apps

When I got my Iphone, not even two years ago,  I traded up from a trac phone. A simple flip phone, that most days was buried at the bottom of my purse. Most months I never made it through a quarter of my minutes. My smart phone opened up a whole new world to me. Facebook on the go, twitter, on the go, instagram, pictures, on the go. I was go go going. It didn’t … Continue reading

21 Literary Quotes To Help You Stay Present

21 literary quotes

One of my favorite parts of reading books is the quotes. The sentence or two that pops off the page, and gives me a little high five (or sometimes a little smack) and insists I write it down, highlight or post it note it, or in some way make it easy to get back to. These quotes are often times the pieces of books I carry with me in every day life. They are the pieces I … Continue reading

4 Simple Ways to Just Open Your Hand

let go

The steering wheel My little girl’s hand My breath Hurt feelings My opinions My beliefs Grudges Disappointments Misunderstandings Resentments These are all things I sometimes hold on to, too tightly. The more I pay attention to how I feel the more I notice when things are just a little off. With a little digging I usually see the “off feeling” stems from holding on too tightly. I was lamenting this morning, about letting go. How … Continue reading

Snapping Pictures Of The Moment is Not You In The Moment

cirque du soleil varekai

Every two years Cirque Du Soleil brings their touring show to our town. Every two years my mom get us tickets as one of my Christmas gifts. It’s truly, my favorite gift. There’s a magic about Cirque, and for 2 hours I’m transfixed and transported to another place and time, and completely in the moment. Last night we were sitting 4 rows off the floor, waiting for the show to begin, chatting with each other, … Continue reading

Manifesto for Life

manifesto for life

Manifesto for Life Grow ~ Dig in, deeply. Find what lies in the shadow. Bring it to the light. Face your fears, your past, your future, your dreams with open eyes and an open heart. Shine ~ There is only one you. The world needs you have to share. Be you. Out loud. Always. Connect ~ There are others on your path. Find them. Connect. There is comfort and clarity in this unity. Being a writer, a thinker, a thought provoker … Continue reading

How to Become the Person You Want to Be (in one simple step)

activity always follows identity

I used to be a smoker. When I decided to have children I knew I had to quit. I’d tried multiple times to quit, all unsuccessfully. Finally, I decided to invest the money and go to a hypnotherapist. After the first appointment I never smoked again, even though she said I could smoke until I came back for my follow up. Why did this work when all other attempts had failed? Because she changed my … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: 3 Tricks to Staying Mindful in the Middle of Food, Family and Holiday Mayhem

staying mindful thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a plethora of triggers. There’s tons of food and tons of family. That alone can do it for most people. Then there are all the underlying anxieties that can show up… in laws, conflicting family values, impossible expectations of perfection and of course the last election. This morning as I was driving my kiddo to school I noticed I was easily getting annoyed with her. She wasn’t getting her seat belt buckled fast … Continue reading

How to Stay Calm In a Crazy World

how to stay calm

I have tried so many things in an effort to learn how to stay calm. I have always wanted to be one of those people who seems to just take things in stride, who is even keeled no matter what’s going on around them. I have always wanted equanimity in my life. But it was elusive. I’d find myself flustered at best, and flying off the handle at worst. I found myself frustrated that people … Continue reading