5 Simple Actions You Can Take to Not Lose Your Patience Before Lunch

5 Simple Actions you can take to not lose your patience before lunch... ZenWahm.com

Ever find yourself with the best of intentions in the morning, and still losing your patience by lunch? Me too. Yesterday was one such day. With Hanna at school, and a cup of coffee in hand, I started a blog post. I knew it was going to be a big project, but hadn’t realized just how long it was going to take me. I was slogging along, getting it done, finding myself a little more … Continue reading

The One Thing I Learned to Stop Yelling


Throughout Hanna’s life I’ve always tried to remember to direct her towards want I want her to do, instead of away from what I don’t want her to do. Walking feet… instead of don’t run. Lower your voice… instead of stop yelling. Bottoms on the couch… instead of don’t stand. Because I know, what we focus on grows, the mind doesn’t hear “don’t”. It was a little funny when I stopped for a moment and … Continue reading