Do Something You Think You Hate

Try something you think you hate

The other night I picked up some gorgeous, young, tender, slim asparagus at the store. As soon as Hanna saw it on the counter she said, “I hate asparagus. I’m not eating that.” I had big plans for this asparagus… a little olive oil, a little roasting, a touch of parmesan at the end, then tossed in with shrimp cooked in garlic butter sauce. Served over pasta. mmmm. I knew she would love it if she would just try it.

I talked to her about the fact the last time she’d tried asparagus it had been out of season, cooked badly and even I didn’t like it then. I assured her, this asparagus would be a completely different experience, if she would just try it.

I set her plate in front of her. She timidly picked up the smallest piece of asparagus she could find and took a little nibble, then a bigger bite. Then no asparagus was safe, no matter who’s plate it was on. She declared she LOVED asparagus.

I’m no different… though not about asparagus. I hate treadmills. When I decided to start the Couch to 5K program I decided to run outside because I knew I hated treadmills. Until this morning, when it was barely 40 degrees outside. I begrudgingly headed inside. I realized I didn’t have to think about running. I didn’t have to consciously think about whether I was going faster, or slowing down. I didn’t have to worry about whether a song made me run faster or slower… in fact, I got to listen to a podcast I can “never find time for”. The machine took all the guess work out of it, and all I had to do was run. I loved it.

It got me thinking… what else do avoid because I think I hate it? What about you?

We are never the same people we were when we experienced something the last time, even if it was just yesterday. But if you made a decision that you didn’t like something a LONG time ago…. woo weee… who knows what you might be missing?! Tried twitter 3 years ago and didn’t like it? Hmmm. Tried guest posting that one time and it didn’t go as expected so you decided you didn’t like it? Hmmm. Someone laughed at you in elementary school when you shared a paper you wrote, now you’ve decided you don’t like sharing your stuff so your blog is sitting there basically blank? Hmmmm.

We all do it. And we can all consciously choose something different. We can consciously choose to give the things we think we hate another try… why not try it today?

Pssst… let me know how it goes. ;)

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