How to Start Meditating

Kids are loud. Time is short. Brains just won’t quit.

It’s easy to think you can’t meditate. But you can.

How to Start Meditating


If you’re ready to start meditating, here’s a couple quick tips to get you started.

how to start meditating1. Start small. 

Seriously, 1 minute is a good place to start. You don’t have to set the timer for 40 minutes your first go around. Start small, build up over time. Give yourself credit for starting at all.

2. Give your monkey brain something to do while you meditate.

I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone but me, but, the key to my meditating success, when my mind is going faster than a cheetah chasing prey on the open savannah, is giving it something to do.

I do this in a tricky little way. I count. Yep… I count my breaths, it seems to give my monkey brain something to do while the rest of my brain is focused on the present moment. I am breathing in 1. I am breathing out 1. I am breathing in 2. I am breathing out 2.

This also makes it really easy to notice when you’ve wandered off into never never land because you have no idea what number you’re on. :) Gently take yourself back to 1. That’s the practice after all.

3. Turn the “shoulds” around on itself. 

If you feel like you “should” be meditating, and that’s causing you to rebel against the whole dang thing there is something you can do. Turn that should around. If you’re like me (and most other moms I know) it can be tough to get alone time (to meditate or go to the bathroom).

The benefits of meditation are pretty well researched at this point. When you need a break, go ahead and ask someone in your household to help you out… can you watch the kids for 10 minutes? It’s time for me to meditate. How are they going to say no? The first few times they might find a way, but as you practice regularly the changes they see in you will have them jumping on board when you need a mommy meditation time out. So instead of feeling like you “should” meditate, now you get to feel excited that you GET to have some me time. :) Now you can definitely use this time to focus on your breath, but if you don’t last the whole ten minutes… that’s ok too.

It’s not hard to learn how to start meditating. What’s hard is getting consistent with it. But, if you simply start to change the way you think about yourself it can make a world of difference… that’s just what this gentleman did.

What I decided to do was to consciously take on the task of redefining myself as a daily (no exceptions!) meditator, by repeating to myself phrases like “I meditate every day. It’s just what I do. It’s who I am.


4. Follow a guide.

Sometimes following a guide is the easiest way to get started. My very first experiences with meditation were listening to guided audios, (yes! CDs) and watching guided meditation videos (from youtube). This is a perfect way to get started, it allows you to start meditating without worrying about all the “am I doing it right” stuff. There are so many guided meditation videos in varying lengths. You don’t have to start out with the 45 minute videos, go ahead and start with a 10 minute video. If you don’t want to have to go hunt them down, have them sent right to your inbox every morning. Click the image below to see how easy it is. 

daily meditation videos

You can be a meditator, you just have to figure out how to start meditating, and then keep deciding to do it every day. Good luck on your journey and in your practice.


Jackie Lee Zen Wahm





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