Lovingkindness Meditation

Lovingkindness meditation, also known as Metta, is one of my favorite meditation practices. I end up feeling so filled with warmth when I’m finished. I find it a perfect practice when I’m feeling hard on myself, or when I get irritated by those around me.

“It is no longer about how much I can accomplish in a lifetime, but rather how much living and loving I can do each day.” –Rachel Macy Stafford

loving kindness meditation

I read a post today from Rachel Macy Stafford (The Hands Free Mama) where she talked about the 10 things you need to do today. One of the ten things was to replace a grumpy thought with a word of gratitude. Sometimes, words of gratitude are difficult to find when grumpy thoughts are cluttering our minds. I sat there wondering how I could do this. How could I pause, and replace those grumpy thoughts. When you’re in the middle of grumpy… pausing is hard. I still haven’t completely figured out how I’m going to pause… but this practice is a great replacement for those grumpy thoughts.

I sometimes find it difficult to remember the phrases that are part of the Lovingkindness meditation, which is why I love this video. His phrases really resonated with me. I particularly like “May you be free of fear. The fear that keeps you stuck.” I do so wish that for me, my loved ones and the world.

So when you’ve got grumpy thoughts going through your head, or you’re feeling guilty or judging yourself for something you wish you’d done more skillfully or just because you want to feel good… take 7 minutes and do this Lovingkindness Meditation.


If you’d like to learn more about Lovingkindness meditation, my favorite book on the subject is Loving-Kindness The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg.

May you be happy.
May you be healthy in body and mind.
May you be safe and protected from inner and outer harm.
May you be free from fear. The fear that keeps you stuck.

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