The Kindness of Strangers… Penniless Across America

kindness of strangers penniless across america

Is it possible to travel from California to North Carolina without a penny to your name, simply relying on the kindness of strangers for your food, shelter and transportation? That’s the question Mike McIntyre asked himself.  Mike was a guy with a great job as a journalist, a nice place to live, and a loving girlfriend. Problem was… he was afraid. All.the.time. He’d let fear control his life and decided it was time to snap … Continue reading

Zen and The Art of Reading

reading challenge

I love to read. It’s a fact. It’s always been one of the big joys in my life. Until it wasn’t. You see, as an entrepreneur I’ve been told to “read daily”. Now as a lover of reading that really should be a good thing, right? It was. Until it wasn’t. Reading daily was a wonderful habit I got into, even if it was only 20 minutes a day (while Hanna was doing her 20 … Continue reading