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I used to feel so overwhelmed and frustrated. I would meditate, quietly, alone. I’d feel centered, peaceful. I’d get up and go about my daily life, and almost immediately lose that feeling. I wanted to keep the feeling I got while in meditation through the whole day. I just couldn’t figure out how.

how to stay calmThat’s when I found mindfulness. I started making up little ways to be mindful, not just while I was meditating, but while I was out living my life.

My book 50 Opportunities for Mindfulness in Every Day Life is a compilation of all the little ways I stay mindful during the day, along with a quick story, and an easy mindfulness practice to go along with it.

It is my hope in the pages of my book you will find one thing, maybe two that will resonate with you in a way that you’ll immediately begin using the practice in your daily life.

You can purchase the entire book on Amazon… or you can get the first 10 chapters free.

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