The Bright Side of Disaster {Book Review}

The Bright Side of Disaster a Zen Wahm Book ReviewI’m working on my first novel. I’ve been thinking about categories, and audience and all that stuff. I started going through Amazon looking at the other books in categories I’m considering, and thought I’d read some of them, to see how they were similar/dissimilar to the tone/content of my novel.

As always, when it comes to books, I’ve managed to create a sizeable list. I decided to start with Katherine Center’s The Bright Side of Disaster. I’m glad I did.

This is Katherine’s debut novel (she’s written quite a few more and recently released Happiness for Beginners which I’m very much looking forward to reading after finishing this one.

So… The Bright Side of Disaster is kind of a girl meets boy, boy is a jerk, boy leaves, girl figures it all out after a strange and crazy journey kind of book. It could have been a book just like any other book, but it wasn’t. You see Jenny Harris, the main character, has her baby the day after the jerk boy leaves her. She is catapulted into motherhood alone, and with her own needs, wants, desires, beliefs and expectations of birth and motherhood.

I read reviews that weren’t all that positive about this book, but I identified so much with Jenny, that I absolutely loved it. It felt like someone had filmed my birthing experience, as well as the first year of my kiddo’s life and written a book about it. It made me feel a lot better about my experience and mothering itself (even though I’m almost 9 years into the process). The writing was so clean, and crisp. It was so easy to get lost in feeling what Jenny was feeling.

I also loved the characters. Jenny, to me, was so easy to relate to… I felt 99% of what she was feeling… and my husband didn’t leave me the day before I gave birth. I also loved how well written the male characters were. Dean was so easy to hate, but you could also completely GET why she was still with him, and why things went down the way they did when he shows back up on her doorstep 8 months later. The handsome, helpful neighbor… the guy we all dream of meeting. He could have maybe had a couple flaws, as he seemed a little too dreamy, but it was nice to kind of let yourself go and dream along with the “what if”.

All in all this was a fun book to read. It took me back to the days I spent birthing, trying to get people to follow my birth plan, right down to a less than ideal situation with Dr. Fred and to the first few days of being a mother. The fear of being left alone with a little human being was so real, it took me back to the first day I was alone with Hanna.

If you had a perfect birth, with a perfect husband, or maybe you had a scheduled c-section this book may not ring as true for you… but for me it was a perfect introduction to Katherine Center and her library of work. I look forward to reading the next one!

You can get The Bright Side of Disaster on Amazon in Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle edition on

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  1. Echo says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this review at the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup! I am going to pick this up at the library!

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