Yin Yoga: Finding My Yoga Home

Finding a yoga home ~ ZenWahm.comI love yoga. I always have. When I started this journey one of the things I said to myself was, I’m going to do Yoga every day! It will be part of my daily practices.

That has not happened.

You see, often when I’m doing yoga, I find it feels much like the rest of my life. Do this, so you can get to the next thing. Do that thing, so you can move to the next thing. From asana to asana, keep moving, just do it, get it done. Say you did your yoga.

That’s not how I feel about yoga. So those classes never felt good to me, in fact, I never finished most of them.

I’m not looking to twist myself into a pretzel or even get fit with yoga. I’m looking to find myself in the poses. I’m looking for meditation in stillness. I’m looking to find mindfulness in every asana.

A while back I found Yin Yoga. When I started running I noticed I started having some leg/foot pain, and felt like Yin Yoga might help. That’s how I came across my first Yin Yoga video. Which I enjoyed. I have since tried a couple other Yin Yoga videos on Youtube.

They were nice, but still I didn’t quite find enough time in the poses. Until today.

Today I found a Yin Yoga class on DoYogaWithMe.com that was perfect. A full 5 minutes per pose. I had enough time to get into the pose, get comfortable, settle in, breathe, relax into the breath, and into the pose. I had time to feel where my body was tensing. I had time to breathe into the tension and let it go. I had time for my thoughts to start to wander, and to notice, and let them go and gently find my way back to my breath.

It was a beautiful hour of my day. I feel centered, calm and free. I’m happy to have continued searching until I found something that was just right. It would have been easy enough to just say “oh yoga isn’t for me”, which would have been sad, because I do love it so much. There are so many types of yoga out there. There really is something for every body, and everybody, no matter what you’re looking for in your yoga practice you can find something that will support you. Just keep looking, and experimenting with different things. One day you’ll step onto your mat and realize you’ve found your yoga home. 🙂

Who knows… now that I have found a yoga that connects me with my intention for my practice, maybe I will find it easier to step on the mat every day. We shall see. What about you? Is yoga part of your daily practice? What kind of yoga have you made your home?


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